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If you are looking for a confirmation of the biological relationship with your grandchild, a grandparent DNA test is an alternate way to determine paternity. There are many cases in which a grandparent is put to a test against his grandchild when the father is absent. For instance, if you want to know but not raise any suspicious finger on your father, while your father is out of town, incarcerated, serving in the Army or if the father is no more.


Many times, a grandparent will himself wonder if his grandchild was really fathered by his son. This can be deemed as a very sensitive subject and many times it is best to dig for the truth before approaching the father of the grandchild with the possibility. In other cases, the father will simply refuse to believe that there are many ways that he is not deemed as the biological father of the child. Many concerned and caring grandparents become involved in this very situation. If you are involved, do not feel that you are alone on this journey, or there are no options available to find out the truth.

In the era of technological advancement, it has enabled us to undergo the DNA test from one grandparent and one grandchild in order to ascertain the percentage of probability of a true biological relationship. It is considered the best practice to include the mother in the test as well if she is available. By the inclusion of the mother’s DNA, it will totally get rid of all her DNA from the profile of the child and the lab will attain only the DNA that the father has contributed to the child in order to compare it with his parent. This helps in attaining a higher level of conclusiveness. The testing can be implemented without the participation of the mother, if deemed necessary.

What’s the further use of Grandparent DNA testing?

It is deemed as a common use when it comes to legal grandparent DNA test that to offer the documents for a child to obtain the Social Security advantages after the father has passed away. In these situations, it is important to include the mother as well. A legal document should be presented for the child in order to obtain the Social Security benefits if the father is not included in the birth certificate. This kind of DNA testing is quite helpful to make sure that your grandchild will always be provided for in the financial terms.

The Missing Parent DNA Test

This is an alternative Grandparent DNA testing method which involves both the grandparents of the child on the paternity side. In this type of DNA testing, the DNAs of the two grandparents are combined in order to recreate the genetic profile of the father. This profile is then placed in comparison to the alleged grandchild and will usually provide quite a conclusive DNA test result. In this type of DNA testing, it is advantageous to include the mother as well, if possible.

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