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Many of us over the years have needed to rent a skip at least once, when we were doing some building or maintenance work on the house or garden, or just having a really serious spring clean, but if you haven’t rented one for a while, you might be quite surprised at how the industry now works. There was a time when you could just throw anything you wanted into a skip and it disappeared out of view, on its way to a landfill somewhere. That was before we realised that landfills are a really bad idea, which can contaminate our waterways with a variety of toxins, while greenhouse gases, such as methane are formed from organic material being broken down anaerobically, which is very bad for the environment.

Major Recyclers

Skip hire companies today are leading the way in recycling, with most managing to recycle more than 90% of everything that passes through their hands. You can no longer just load up anything you want and send it away. Today, you will be required to provide details of what is inside your skip, to ensure that the skip hire company understands in advance, exactly what it is dealing with, and can be properly prepared in the case that anything potentially toxic is involved. Because so many materials are recycled, many skip hire companies are now in a position to be able to offer its customers recycled materials, such as aggregates at a very affordable price, saving them money and helping them do their bit for the environment at the same time.

Wood and Green Waste Recycling

Everyone is aware that we can recycle cans and bottles, but some skip hire companies like Cherry Hill Waste are striving towards 100% recycling of materials and are actively working to recycle materials like wood and green waste that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Wood waste generally refers to processed planks used for carpentry, or from old pallets, but also includes cardboard, paper, leaves and other carbonaceous materials. Green waste is fresh materials such as grass and hedge trimmings, freshly cut branches and other landscaping nitrogenous materials. Both sets of materials are fully biodegradable and can be turned into useful products.

Choosing a Skip Hire Company

If you are going to be needing a skip in the near future and want to do your bit for the environment, be sure to ask those you are talking to about how they dispose of what they collect. The industry is very competitive, so if you receive a quote that is substantially below the average, you have to question if they are a fully responsible firm in how they deal with their waste. It might be tempting to offer your business to a small company, but you have to think about the logistics of the project you are working on. If you have a delivery arriving at a certain time, you may need the skip that is blocking access to be picked up at a precise time, or it could delay everything.

A firm with a single lorry having an accident or breakdown could prove costly, and of course, be sure to ask them how green they are with your waste when it leaves.

Georgia Erin

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