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Decorating your home with candles may seem like a lackluster plan, but it’s not always about looks. The unique feature about scented candles is, of course, its aroma. Besides choosing the right color and patterns that goes best with the theme and color scheme of your room, you can also match up the smell for the appropriate room.

You may have noticed already, different parts of the house have different vibes. For instance, when you sit down in your study, the atmosphere reeks of concentration and work. While in tour living room, the mood relates to relaxation and entertainment. While in the dining room or the kitchen the dominant mood is hunger and while in your bedroom, it’s all about rest and sleep.

There was an experiment done in the past, where a dog was habituated into salivating just by hearing the sound of a bell. We humans also have such habits. We tend to relate memories to smell very often. A particular smell might remind us of some long forgotten memory or even recent memories.

You can trick your brain into more than one ways and scented candles are one of them. Aside from the visual aspect of the candles, you also must choose the appropriate smell for the appropriate room.

Cinnamon and lemongrass for the kitchen, sandalwood for the bedroom and the study. Jasmine or vanilla for the bathroom and maybe some mint for the living room.

Now your brain or anyone’s brain for that matter automatically relates certain feelings and habits once they enter each room. Having the perfect smell to accompany that relation will enable you to have a more pleasant experience once you have entered those rooms.

While your eyes are judging the visuals, your olfactory senses will be constantly engaged in the mesmerizing smell of those candles. This not only relaxes your brain but enables you to enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free time within each room.

So in a sense, the decorative factor of the room isn’t enhanced by any visual factors per se, but the availability of a more calm and immersed experience tricks your brain into thinking that the place is perfect.

Shopping for scented candles can become a chore if you’re not sure what you’re looking for both in terms of quantity and quality. Wiff is a great website because it has the candles sorted out and labeled in appropriate boxes for your convenience. Visit today and get started on those candles.

Georgia Erin

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