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The huge blackish ants ready to nest in your wooden frames are the culprit behind the damage caused to your home furniture. Commonly known as carpenter ants’ nest in the wood slowly destroying it. If they are left unchecked or proper preventive methods aren’t used, there are definite chances of ants multiplying in colonies reducing the structural safety of your home.

It is a misconception that the carpenter ants eat food. Actually, they make holes in sift wood for shelter and to create their nest. Eventually if they are more in number there are chances of them damaging your structural wooden support of your building.

Know the telltale signs of infestations:

  • Presence of large black and red ants in your building or in its outer space. See long trails of them in your garden as they have the tendency to travel long distance in search of food and shelter.
  • You find piles of wooden dust commonly known as frass beneath or in the side of any wooden framework. It can be your baseboard, door frames or window sills.

  • If you hear faint rustling noise inside your wooden work they easily burrow inside to nest in it. The noise you can hear when they are scraping the wood.
  • When you see large number of dropped wings in your place. Even debris of body parts along with wings can be seen.
  • When you see large winged ants peeking from the holes and crevices of your ceilings, floor corners and from the holes on the walls of the building.

Few effective home methods to get rid of them:

  • Sprinkle boric powder around you building. If you are buying boric acid mix them in powdered sugar to attract them. You can fill bottle caps with the mixture and keep them near the infested area.
  • If there is any damp wood structure in your place try to repair it.

  • Getting rid of their nest will be effective. You can even use pesticides to destroy the nests and ants. However, make sure that the sprays don’t have concentrated chemicals.

To know more about the infestation of carpenter ants and the remedies to get rid of it, visit the link The information provided by professional exterminators of carpenter ants on the website will be quite useful to know the preventive methods to be safe from these kind of pests.

Georgia Erin

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