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We are all guilty of taking our vision for granted and without it, life would be radically different for all of us. Of all the 5 senses we possess, sight is without doubt the most important and with regular visits to your local optician, any issues will quickly be identified and remedied. If you have yet to source a local optician, here are just a few of the reasons why you should.

  1. Corrective Vision Treatment – Our eyes are in a constant state of degradation and for most people, near or far sightedness comes into play at some point or another. If you cannot read small print, for example, this will affect you in many ways and without prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, you could suffer from headaches and blurred vision. Even if you already wear glasses, your eyesight can deteriorate at any time, so you might need to have your vision retested. If you source a good practice, such as David Paul Opticians, they will be able to help you take good care of your eyes and with a wide range of services available, any eye problems can quickly be addressed.
  1. Eye Disease – Like any other organ in the body, your eyes are susceptible to disease. Things like glaucoma and macular degeneration are a real risk and with regular visits to your local optician, any problems will be quickly identified. Lazy eye is something that can affect children and if it goes undetected, could cause vision problems in later life.
  1. Preventative Examinations – If you visit your optician on a regular basis, anything untoward will quickly be noticed and remedied. Cataracts are commonly found in people of middle age, as the natural lens that covers the eye hardens and symptoms include blurred vision and dizziness, while it is also common for the person to have regular prescription changes to their eyesight.
  1. Colour Blindness – This is more common that you might imagine and a person who suffers from this would be able to distinguish most colours without a problem. The causes are genetic, when the light sensitive cells in the retina fail to react to the differences in some colours. There is no known cure for colour blindness, but there are filters that can be used in glasses or contact lenses that can help a person to distinguish differences in shades.
  1. Peace of Mind – Simply put, if you visit your local optician on a regular basis, you can be sure of a quick intervention should your optician notice anything unusual. An annual visit is recommended and should you have any symptoms at all, book an investigatory eye examination, just be on the safe side.

As we get older, our eyes are under more pressure and if your work involves staring at a computer screen for hours on end, this puts an added strain upon your eyes. Taking regular short breaks is one way of combating eye strain and should you suffer an eye discomfort, book an appointment to see your local optician, who can investigate the cause and prescribe the right treatment.

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